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Full Set Of Indoor Golf Simulator


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Full set of indoor golf simulator, home theater, conference system

Standard auxiliary materials
9-point locating plate
Hanger pawl
Hanger screw package
USB camera
Bluetooth audio
The power adapter
Wireless Router (Gigabit Edition)
Rubber tee (domestic)
Row insertion
Yinggui Pinzi power cord
British standard insertion
Glue gun
Calibration block
Finished product of GSV PRO sensor assembly
Power adapter (GND)
TEE spot lamp (new)
Self-tapping screw
MARK ball (12 lines)
Push rod hole cup and motor
Push rod control box and its accessories
Push rod steel plate
61263F grass (push rod platform)
Light peak projector (including lens)
Brand computer
Switch wire assembly
(GOLFJOY S95) Hengtaixin Golf Simulation Software V1.2
GREENJOY S95(2022)
Wooden club rack
General cabinet package (changed in 2021.12)
Calibration board (cloud eye psv pro csv pro)
Custom camera floor bracket (shared by high frame camera)
Automatic ball feeding head
Automatic ball feeding machine base (DC)
Integrated key
3D striking pad (two hands)
Universal angle iron
61263F grass
61263F grass
61263F grass
Double-layer curtain 2
GREENJOY embedded kit
Frame ball return groove (DC ball feeder)
DC line
Expansion screws
Hanger rod
Optical fiber HD cable
Special network cable for sensor
Finished network cable
Card board

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Full Set Of Indoor Golf Simulator
Full Set Of Indoor Golf Simulator
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